Friday, August 6, 2010

Half-pint Goes to School...

Friday was Half-pint's first day of kindergarden. I can't believe my little guy is going to the "big kid school"!!! We dropped in on Wednesday and had his school photo taken, and then Half-pint and I went yesterday to meet his teacher and for him to get a look around the classroom. We also dropped off all the school supplies while we were there yesterday. This morning, Half-pint was rearing to go...he was really excited to wear his new outfit and pack his backpack (he only needed to bring a snack today). We combed his crazy hair and made sure he wore his tennis shoes (since we knew he was going to have gym today). Then we took some photos and headed out the door! We had instructions for parents to walk their kindergardeners into the classroom, help them hang up backpacks, and put on a name tag...then it's a kiss, hug and parents out the door.

I had my main Mommy freak out around his birthday in January; so I thought I would be fine today. I was doing great, until as we were almost to the front door (the farthest door from where we could park) when Half-pint in one hand, and Quarter-pint in the other; Half-pint says quietly "Mom, I'm scared." That was it for me. The tears began to well up behind my sunglasses. I could only squeeze his little hand a few times, and then squeak out "It's going to be so fun! You're going to be fine." The tears began to flow a little bit as I gave him a hug in the classroom. All the kids looked really somber sitting on the alphabet rug waiting for class to begin, as parents filed in and then quickly out. When Quarter-pint and I got to the hall, just past the classroom door, I pickup up Quarter-pint and nearly lost it completely. I couldn't wait to get back to my car so I could just get all the tears over with and get on with my day. But, as we were walking to the car, Quarter-pint and I began to discuss the remaining time while Half-pint was at school. We needed to go to the library (after a great book gathering at home), and I had a doctor appointment. The tears never flowed once we got to the car. I hope Monday is easier!

When we got back to school, Half-pint and his class were already outside. I gave him a hug and the first thing out of his mouth was "I love it!!!" That was all the info I got until after dinner when he started volunteering "At gym, we played Simon Says-with standing on colors and I wasn't very good. The first time was slow, then it got faster and the last time the Gym Guy (gym teacher) won---he wasn't supposed to win!" And "In art, it was fun, she made some play dough last night." He was a champ and is excited to go back. We are proud of him! Happy First Day of School, Half-pint!!!

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