Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Life has been CRAZY the past few weeks since Peewee-pint arrived! Here's a quick overview of the happenings at our house recently:

Daddy caught a stomach bug

Momma came down with a cold

Peewee-pint's arrival

Half-pint and Quarter-pint fell and bit open their bottom lip (no stitches, thankfully)

Quarter-pint fell down the stairs and was sporting a very nice shiner for more than a week

Quarter-pint's preschool Fall field trip

Peewee-pint's 2 week well check with the pediatrician

Daddy had to travel for work (thankfully Aunt C4 could come stay and was awesome help!)

Quarter-pint Halloween party at preschool

Half-pint's school Halloween party

Half-pint got an ear infection

Half-pint primary program

Halloween party at Grandma's house

Daddy home from his business trip / Aunt c4 goes home too :(

Quarter-pint comes down with a cold

Now, add school, preschool and Momma's various evening activities, and then a few more things we opted NOT to do, since inevitably someone was too tired or cranky...

That leads us to today...Half-pint's ear infection is getting better, but he still has residual cold symptoms. With both of the bigger boys not feeling great, it means someone is having an utter meltdown about every 15 minutes. Throw in baby feedings about every 2 hours, and a gassy/fussy, just-hold-me-all-the-time baby and it's LOADS of fun at our house!