Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Quarter-pint Mischief...

Just this morning (it's not even noon yet), I've caught Quarter-pint tearing pages out of library books, playing with the handicam, playing with my heat laminating machine, picking on his brother, playing with the extra car keys-setting off the car alarm (with the car securely in the closed garage), turning up the volume on the movie the boys were watching so loud that I could hear it upstairs while I was in the shower, tearing apart my spider plant, continually opening and closing the freezer, and generally causing havoc.

This is a fairly typical day with Quarter-pint; sometimes I'm nearly consumed by trying to keep him out of trouble and from getting hurt. I am SO happy for his afternoon nap time that I can barely contain my excitement. Aren't busy two-year-old boys fun?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quarter-pint Mischief...

Quarter-pint has officially entered the "Terrible Twos". Thank goodness it's not generally for screaming tantrums (although he does do that on occasion), but more for all the mischief he gets into. On several occasions recently (especially since his birthday) I find him doing both naughty and funny things. We were having a difficult day (Quarter-pint was whining and into everything, and I was trying to keep my cool) when I thought a little distraction might be a good idea. He likes to help me, especially when I'm doing the laundry and it just so happened that I had a load of laundry to move from the washer to the dryer-perfect for him to help me with! He happily followed me tot he laundry room, pattering his little feet the whole way. I opened the dryer and then turned to open the washer. When I turned back to the dryer (literally just a few seconds) this is what I found...
...and I couldn't get him out. I grabbed his little body, but he grabbed on to anything he could. It was a tug-of-war match for a good minute or two before I emerged triumphant and he was freed from the bowels of the dryer. Thank goodness he's not strong enough to open the dryer door by himself!

A few days later, I was washing dishes in the kitchen sink while the boys enjoyed cartoons on the couch. Half-pint was tired, so I was glad they were sitting quietly (there had already been a lot of crying and whining). All of the sudden Half-pint let out a wail that nearly shook the house. I quickly assessed the situation, while still standing at the kitchen sink. As I moved back from the sink so I could see both boys, I nearly laughed out loud (but I didn't because I knew it would only encourage the situation). There was Half-pint on one couch, holding his hand to the top of his head in pain, and Quarter-pint on the other couch, his slender little index finger pursed to his lips desperately trying to shush his brother. Quarter-pint knew he caused the wailing when he threw a toy that bonked the top of his brother's head.
I'm sure there are many more examples of Quarter-pint's mischief, but for the life of me I can't think of the others! He keeps us on our toes-and I'm sure he always will.

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Boys Like to Be Naked...

On Tuesday I left Quarter-pint in his booster chair eating lunch while I cleaned up another room. When I returned to the kitchen, I was surprised to see that he had taken off his shirt. He quickly told me he was finished and wanted down; as soon as I let him out of his chair he quickly took his shorts off. At nap time he wouldn't let me put even a shirt on his skinny little body. He insisted on staying clothes-free for the afternoon. Shortly before Daddy came home from work, Quarter-pint took off his diaper to attempt potty time. We tried, but with no success (no accidents not all bad); Quarter-pint still wouldn't let me get him dressed. He doesn't usually take his clothes off, so when Daddy came home to find Quarter-pint greeting him at the garage door-completely naked-Daddy was shocked. I thought insisting on wearing his birthday suit on his birthday was more than a little humorous.


On Thursday we had Half-pint's last swim lesson at the outdoor pool. That evening we went to Grammy's house for a family B-B-Q and swimming (if the weather held). By the time we were finished eating and cleaning up the food it was too late in the evening and getting too chilly to get into the pool. Half-pint took the news HARD. He cried. He whined. He pleaded. He cried some more. Then he tried to reason with me. When that didn't work, he tried to trick me into giving him the car keys so he could retrieve his bathing suit unassisted. After about 10 minutes of persistent pestering; he finally got tired of the consistent rejection; he took matters into his own hands. He quickly ran outside and around the far side of the pool-then began stripping ALL of his clothes off. Daddy spotted him and in an attempt to talk him out of it said "I can't save you-I don't have my swim suit!" Half-pint jumped in anyway and cleverly responded "That's okay Dad, you can come in like me!" Grandpa thought that sounded reasonable and goaded Daddy. In the end, Half-pint got his bathing suit on (there were girls in the pool) and got to swim for a little bit; against Momma's better judgement.

(Sorry, no pictures-but it was quite a sight!)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Quarter-pint Turns TWO...

Wow-my baby is not a baby any more. Quarter-pint is TWO today! I'm amazed at how quickly the time has passed! Quarter-pint seems littler (than Half-pint seemed at two) to me, and I can't quite put my finger on it. I've thought of a few possible reasons, but I'm still not sure where to place the blame: Half-pint is so much bigger (obviously; taller, more mature, etc); Quarter-pint is on the small side for his age; Quarter-pint isn't talking as much as Half-pint did at the same age; because I don't want him to get too's probably a combination of all of those reasons.

Quarter-pint is getting into that very active, busy, naughty stage. I think I blocked it from my memory. The past week or so have been nuts-compounded by Half-pint's antics. It seems every time I turn around Quarter-pint is escaping outside, climbing up the pantry shelves or playing in the garage, flushing the toilet, sitting in the middle of the kitchen table, whacking everything in sight with any long stick-like anything he can get his hands on. When I catch him being naughty, he flashes me the "I know I'm naughty, but I know I'm cute" look. Quarter-pint is definitely his own little person! He's a fun kid, but he's really busy! He makes me crazy and makes me laugh at the same time.
Quarter-pint is a joy to our family. He LOVES his big brother (and is completely convinced that he's able to do everything that Half-pint can-and he's successful at most). They are "best buddies"--with all that entails. They run and play, and laugh and hide, together.
Quarter-pint is simply delightful, sweet, honest, quiet, playful, clever, fun-loving, clumsy, teasing, curious, energetic, observant, a daddy's boy, smart, resilient, and beautiful.

Happy Birthday Quarter-pint!!! We love you!