Monday, March 30, 2009

Half-pint is Brave...

Today was a big day for Half-pint...his FIRST dentist appointment. We went on a preschool field trip to a dentist's office about a month ago, but today was the day when HE actually sat in the dentist chair. As we were driving to the appointment, I looked back at Half-pint and realized he looked rather unsure of his fate...

"What's the matter?"

"Mom, how about I a little bit scared."

I was also getting into the dentist chair...

"Mom, how about you go brave enough???"

When all was said and done, he did AWESOME! He was definitely brave enough-and we went at the same time.


As I was tucking him in bed tonight he said,
"Mom, where's my puppy?" (a stuffed puppy that we forgot to take to the dentist's office this afternoon, and one that he likes to sleep with most nights)

"I don't know, I haven't seen your puppy for a few days" (that's why we forgot it-I had no idea where it was-out of sight, out of mind) "I'll go look for it while you close your eyes, okay?"

"Okay Mom, you look one time, then I be sound asleep. You come back and do this... (he squeezed his round little cheeks and moved his head around like he was trying to wake himself up) and ask me questions about where my puppy is...okay?"

"Okay, I'll go look..."

I quickly found the puppy-after wisely asking Daddy if he had seen it-he had. When I went back into Half-pint's bed room he said...

"Where you find him?"

"He was in the cupboard in Momma's bathroom-on top of the sheets. Did you put him there or did your brother?"

"Ummm,... (quiet thinking pause)...Last time I play with him, I put him there. I forgot all about it!!! Thanks Mom!!!"

Monday, March 23, 2009

Quarter-pint and the Mashed Potatoes...

Half-pint requested mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. I happily whipped some up for him, and also served a small bowl for Quarter-pint. Quarter-pint has unfortunately reached that stage where he insists on feeding himself-everything. I'm glad he wants to feed himself, but I loathe each time that feeding actually involves a fork or spoon. It's just SO messy! I figured mashed potatoes would be easy for him to feed himself; but knowing he would make a little mess. I can handle that. By the time he squawked loud enough to catch my attention (I was busily making the rest of dinner), Quarter-pint had COMPLETELY covered his face and hands! I was actually a little shocked at just how much food he had all over his face! He had mashed potatoes smashed into his hair (which was sticking to his forehead), caked all over his eyelashes, and embedded in his eyebrows-and that was just the top part of his little potatoey face! I was really disappointed that I left the camera at Grammy's house over the weekend-that's why I don't have a picture to post-sorry! He really wasn't very thrilled with the wipe down (he usually doesn't mind being cleaned up). To his credit-he did grunt a couple of times because he wanted me to wipe the mashed potatoes off his hands; I ignored him, thinking I would get to him in a minute; I was trying to finish cooking so I could eat. I know better for next time! If only you could have seen him!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Quarter-pint and the Christmas Chocolate...

Quarter-pint has recently discovered the resourcefulness of the kitchen chairs. He pushes one to the pantry and then climbs up to reach the "high" shelves (at least MUCH higher than he can normally reach. The only problem is we keep the treats on the "high" shelf-which I discovered today is now very much within his reach! As I was making lunch, he found the red and green M&Ms left over from Christmas (I obviously need to clean out the treat shelf!). I told him no, it was time for lunch. He hawked the zip lock bag out of the pantry-and it exploded on impact with the wood floor. He was in heaven! Lots of red and green M&Ms all over the floor. I let him get his fill for about 30 seconds before I picked him up to put him in his high chair. He didn't fight, so I knew he had a mouthful of chocolate goodness. As I clipped the buckle closed, he gagged a little-just enough so I could see in his little mouth. I was astonished not to see M&Ms, but an entire mini Reese's peanut butter cup-wrapper and all. He let me dig it out and then we unwrapped one together. Nothing like a little chocolate to begin lunch!