Saturday, May 16, 2009

Quarter-pint's Favorite Cereal...

Like Half-pint and Daddy, Quarter-pint has a favorite cereal...
He goes nuts when we're at the grocery store and I pick up a box or two. He wants to eat it right then and there!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Half-pint Has a Future in Music???

Today we were waiting in the car because we were just a few minutes early for Half-pint's class. I had the radio on and a Taylor Swift song began to play. I asked Half-pint:
"Do you like this music?"
"'s called Rock and Roll! I LOVE rock'n'roll!"
"You love it?"
"Yeah, I LIVE for rock and roll! I have a rock and roll band!"
"You have a rock and roll band???"
"Yep, Cousins T and A and I have a rock and roll band. We play rock and roll at Grammy's house. We play our rock and roll band all the time!!!"
He's a great kid!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Quarter-pint Finally Gets a Haircut...

Quarter-pint finally got a haircut. The first time (around a year-old) really didn't go very smoothly, so I was quite hesitant to take him in again. He basically screamed through the entire ordeal originally, so you can understand my hesitation. Quarter-pint's hair was getting really long and shaggy. This time I insisted Daddy come with me; so we made it a family affair. I oversaw Half-pint's haircut, while Daddy stuck by Quarter-pint. Surprisingly, Quarter-pint sat still in the chair, but he cried out "Daddy, Dadda, Dadda" and whimpered the entire time. He looks much better with the new doo, but I think I like his hair a little more shaggy.