Thursday, September 30, 2010

Half-pint Plays Soccer...

Half-pint has officially entered the world of iconic, suburban, American "childhood"...he is now playing pee-wee soccer. And I have officially entered the world of iconic, suburban American soccer Mom, carpooling and mini van included.

Half-pint has really enjoyed all the practices and games. Thankfully, each is only once a week. Half-pint has had several assists, and a very near goal in a game. His team is undefeated which he thinks is great! Half-pint celebrates with every goal his team scores, usually with bows or dancing when he's on the matter who actually scores. And he is the loudest cheerleader from the sidelines when he's not in the game.
It's been great to watch him develop into a team player and to watch his joy and excitement! I'm sure this is just the beginning of many, many, many soccer Saturdays to come!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Baby Projects...

I've been working like crazy this summer to get some sewing projects (amongst others) finished before this baby arrives. Some of the projects have been specifically for the baby, like a blanket, and some burp cloths.

I'm excited to say that those particular two projects are now finished...(with literally just a week or two before his big arrival)!.

The blanket is cuddly, super soft; fun black and white zebra patterning and several different textures and color distinction...perfect for a little one!

I made three burp cloths of each fabric on blue dinosaurs, cream/yellow retro circles, and blue/green "little sailor" ships. I had a lot of fun putting everything together, but the most satisfaction comes when I actually complete a project and it's finished!!! I really enjoy creating (from the designing to the completion) a useful and meaningful project. I can't wait to get to use them!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quarter-pint Self Rewards...

Quarter-pint has had quite the end of summer. He's hit lots of milestones, including potty training and speaking more and more clearly, among others. When preschool began nearly two months ago, he was reluctant to actually go potty at preschool, so we set up a bribe...he gets an Oreo if he actually has success in the potty at school. Silly kid was willing to sit on the potty, but do nothing, and then have an accident later. He loves Oreos, so this particular bribe actually worked for him (most, do not). He has taken it a step farther and now asks for Oreos anytime he has potty success.

Today I came up from the basement to find the Oreo packaging on the kitchen floor, and the plastic tray of cookies--along with Quarter-pint--suspisciously missing. I tracked him down in the office, watching Half-pint play computer games.
It was obvious that the boys (mostly Quarter-pint) had been generously helping themselves to the chocolate cookies. When I asked Quarter-pint if it was okay to eat in the office (it is not), he just smiled a sweet chocolate smile and said:

"It's okay Momma. It's okay to eat yoreos in the office." (I LOVE how he says Oreos!!!)
"How many have you had?"
"Seven. Me eat seven. It's okay."
"How many did your brother eat?"
"He eat two; me eat seven yoreos. It's okay, Momma!"