Thursday, September 30, 2010

Half-pint Plays Soccer...

Half-pint has officially entered the world of iconic, suburban, American "childhood"...he is now playing pee-wee soccer. And I have officially entered the world of iconic, suburban American soccer Mom, carpooling and mini van included.

Half-pint has really enjoyed all the practices and games. Thankfully, each is only once a week. Half-pint has had several assists, and a very near goal in a game. His team is undefeated which he thinks is great! Half-pint celebrates with every goal his team scores, usually with bows or dancing when he's on the matter who actually scores. And he is the loudest cheerleader from the sidelines when he's not in the game.
It's been great to watch him develop into a team player and to watch his joy and excitement! I'm sure this is just the beginning of many, many, many soccer Saturdays to come!


Cassy and Taylor said...

love it!

cara said...

If he is anything like his dad there will be many, many, many more soccer games :)