Sunday, February 24, 2013

Saturday Morning...

I woke up yesterday, to the sound of tiny feet toddling into my room.

"Momma, Momma, det out"

I peek out from under the covers...

"Det dessed"-a set of little hands grab my jeans (and nothing else) and thrusts them into my, now extended and still kind of tingly hand.  Then more toddling-around to the other side of the bed-it's easier to climb up from that side-that's the usual climbing side.

"Me help" he says as he tries to pull the comforter off my snuggled body.  Then he's confused when he finds a layer of BOTH blanket and sheet under the comforter...he doesn't use blankets on his own bed yet...much to my dismay.

"Me hold you" (which really means I want YOU to hold ME).  
"Det out.  Me help"  

That's when I get up...who can resist that?

I promised Quarter-pint cinnamon rolls for breakfast...and he came into the kitchen as the rolls were baking.  He scrunched up his face and said:

"Man, you make smelly cinnamon rolls!  They smell really good."

Peewee-pint, watching the rolls bake, excitedly piped in:

"Cimm rolls smell yum!  So yum me!!!"

Then, after enjoying the good smelling "cimm rolls" we were off to Half-pint's last basketball game of the season (they won, which always makes the season-end celebration more fun!), and after the game, he and I had pizza with the team.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Random Photos...

I know I am WAY behind on's been a CRAZY few months at our house...but here's a preview of what's coming to blogland:

And this is what I find when the kids get ahold of my phone...

And these are just the "good" ones.