Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter...

We've been celebrating Easter for an entire week...with family dinners and egg hunts with BOTH sets of Grandparents and cousins!

(The photos are from Easter Sunday)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quarter-pint Is Up To Antics Again...

I had forgotten how mischievous Quarter-pint was before he couldn't breathe or get a good night sleep. Now that those issues are basically resolved, the impish Quarter-pint is back...with a vengeance! And last Saturday he was making up for lost time:

I was at a meeting, while Daddy was home with all three boys. Half-pint had a soccer game, and as Daddy was trying to herd everyone out the door, he sent Quarter-pint to get in the car (that was Daddy's mistake...I NEVER just send him out to the car unsupervised). By the time Daddy got to the garage, he was stunned to find Quarter-pint STANDING on the TOP of the van, waving a swimming noodle. He was taller than the garage door tracks! We're still not sure exactly how he climbed up onto the roof of the van, but thankfully he came down nicely into Daddy's waiting arms; who then quickly placed him into his car seat buckles (of which there is still no unassisted escape). Although we did find little hand prints on the outside of the passenger's front window-just visible in the right light.

Later Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on the couch, feeding Peewee-pint when I spied Half-pint try to stealthily escape out the front door toting Quarter-pint's scooter. I hollered at Daddy since I was in no position to chase after the boys--outside, in front of the neighbors; but Daddy didn't seem to think there was any concern. So after a few long minutes, I made myself presentable and hauled Peewee-pint out the front door to find the two little bedlam-ites (Daddy was still no where to be found-somewhere in the house replacing washed window screens). As I emerged into the afternoon sunshine, with 17 pounds of baby clinging to my hip, I was surprised to find Quarter-pint in the middle of the street-wearing his underpants, and NOTHING else. Half-pint was at the end of the culde-sac sans shoes or helmet, on the scooter.

I couldn't help but wonder what the neighbors think!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Peewee-pint @ Six Months...

It's hard to believe that Peewee-pint is already six months old! Having said that, we've had a LOT go on in the past six months!

Peewee-pint is truly delightful (except when he's just awake in the middle of the night, which does happen occasionally). Everyone (except probably Daddy) describes him as "very laid back" He seems to just hang out and go with the flow...he hangs out with me, the bigger boys, Daddy, Grandma...whoever wants to lug him around.

He's typically pretty happy to play on the floor, wrestle toys in his bouncy seat, have tummy time, guard the kitchen from his high chair, chill in his car seat, and especially just being held by anyone big (like adult size). He always lets us know when he's had enough...usually very loudly-then he will NOT be ignored. Up until that deafening piggy squeal, he's generally laughing, cooing, babbling, growling and (his current favorite) spitting. Sometimes the bigger boys comment on how noisy Peewee-pint is...and it's true.

Mr. Grabby Fingers has gotten awesome with fine motor skills (at least on par with the ability of a 6 month old with chubby hands) and even uses his two feet together as one prehensile unit to grab anything that come between them. He's an expert at putting things in his mouth...EVERYTHING goes into his mouth (but I wouldn't expect anything less) which makes Quarter-pint crazy since everyone is always telling him to take his fingers OUT of his 3 year-old mouth.

Peewee-pint is still working on sitting up. Generally it's the folded-in-half tripod sit, so I have to be careful and NOT let him practice just after eating. His FAT thighs make for a pretty broad's just that darn big head that's so heavy to hold up!

Here's the Six Month Stats:
Length 25.75 inches (25 %ile)
Weight 17 lbs., 5 oz. (50 %ile)
Head 45 cm. (85 %ile)

Weighing in at only 17.25 pounds officially makes Peewee-pint the runt-by 2 pounds.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quarter-pint Post-Surgery Changes...

Now that Quarter-pint is finally fully recovered from his surgery, we've noticed some interesting changes in his behavior and preferences:

  • Prior to surgery, he wore a pull-up at night-soaking it nearly every early morning; after surgery he keeps his pants dry all night-every night.
  • Prior to surgery Quarter-pint used a sippy cup-all the time; after surgery he won't go near one.
  • Prior to surgery Quarter-pint generally ate very little; after surgery, he eats ALL THE TIME
  • Prior to surgery he thought he was a little cow-drinking literally 2 1/2 GALLONS of MILK each WEEK by himself; after surgery I think he's had about 5 cups TOTAL in the past 5 weeks (I'm saving at least $20 a month on milk)
  • Prior to surgery, he was not interested in ice cream-would hardly eat any; after surgery Quarter-pint asks and earnestly feels he should eat ice cream, or a chocolate milkshake EVERYDAY!

We fully expected him to sleep better thus feel better, having more energy, etc, etc. but some the above changes are a little surprising and a bit humorous.