Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New Tricks...

Peewee-pint learned a new trick just in time for Christmas.
Check out the videos to see...
(Ignore the Christmas after-math all over the floor!)

(Did you notice the end of the second video??? That's a new trick too!)

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Brothers Taking Care of One Another...

Tonight, I was on bed-time duty alone. The two older boys played together nicely and quietly while I put Peewee-pint to bed (he was exhausted-falling asleep in his highchair at dinner-TWICE). Then, per our agreement, the boys nicely cleaned up their toys before finishing the bed-time routine. After we said prayers and both were tucked in, Quarter-pint said he needed a story so he could fall asleep. I agreed to read one book (of my choosing) if they both stayed lying down in their beds. Half-pint quickly grabbed a book and hid it under his covers because he wanted to read it to me (I should have taken him up on it), and Quarter-pint fussed about the book I choose. That's when things turned south, and Quarter-pint ended up bashing me (albeit accidentally-the darn kid can't sit still to save his life) in the face with his hard head. I abruptly left their room, tossing the book to the floor and retreated to my room for a much needed Mommy-time-out to cool down. I could hear Quarter-pint crying from his room-but only for a minute or two. Then, I began to hear voices-talking instead of crying. When I peeked into the boys' room, I was surprised to see both boys side-by-side on the floor, with their backs to the wall; Half-pint reading to Quarter-pint-using the night-light for illumination. I turned up the overhead light a little and told them to keep reading for a few minutes and then get back into bed.
What a sweet, kind gesture-brother to brother!