Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quarter-pint Happenings...

Quarter-pint is as mischievous as he is adorable. I literally never know what he's going to do next. A few weeks ago the boys were playing nicely together in the basement, while I was upstairs. I heard Quarter-pint whining as he was coming up the stairs. I was totally unprepared for what I saw as he emerged from the bowels of the basement... He wasn't actually whining like I originally thought, but instead was repeating "stuck, stuck, stuck.." over and over all the way up the stairs. I immediately started laughing-he looked so funny stuck with the bucket handle across his chest, and the rest protruding behind him. He was a good sport and let me get a few snapshots before I set him free.

I have also recently found him standing on the kitchen table...his little arms extended about his head..."inging, inging" (swinging, swinging - for those that don't speak his missing initial consonant language). The light suspended from the ceiling above the table rocking back and forth.

He has also had adventures on the counter tops. I came into the kitchen to find a kitchen chair pushed up to the counter, and little Quarter-pint standing on the counter top-cupboard open. "Ake...Ake...Up" (cake, cake) He was trying to reach the muffin paper liners on the very top shelf (I can't even reach the top shelf without a little assistance!) so he could eat cake.

I love our central vacuum, at least I did until about a week ago. That's when I realized all the vacuum hose "plugs" are right at Quarter-pint's level. And they are fun to play with...each has a door with a spring so it stays shut when not in use. Who knew one of Quarter-pint's brand new Christmas presents - a bakugan (it's a small spherical toy that magnetically pops open to reveal a transformer-ish looking creature) - fits precisely in the central vacuum hose plug door? We had to vacuum the whole house before the darn thing would appear in the vacuum bag (in the freezing's been a really cold winter in CO). When Daddy showed it to me, it was totally encrusted with vacuum every little crevice, and there are a lot of crevices.

It happens at least a couple of times a week...I hear Half-pint half screaming, half laughing and find Quarter-pint laying on top of his brother in a pint-sized tackle.

We've been talking up the potty quite a bit around here lately. Quarter-pint needs some encouraging to really get potty training finished. On a recent shopping trip, we picked up some "big boy underpants" in his size-complete with his favorite character-Buzz Lightyear. Quarter-pint was so excited about it when we got home he wanted to look at the different pairs. Before I knew it, he had put one on over his diaper. Then another, and another, and another. He would have worn all 7 pairs, (all over his diaper) but the leg holes were getting too tight, and another just wouldn't fit. So, here he is...wearing nothing but a diaper and 4 pairs of big boy pants!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Half-pint Gets Sick...Again...

It's been that kind of a holiday season for Half-pint. The weekend before Christmas the kids and I spent a few days at Grandma's house so I could utilize Grandma's help finishing a few homemade Christmas presents. The last night we stayed, Half-pint was hoarse and had a terrible night sleep. He joined Quarter-pint and I in the basement around 2 am, but neither Half-pint nor I slept very much...he was too uncomfortable and I was listening to his best sleeping Darth Vader impression. The next morning I promptly got him an appointment with the doctor so he could confirm what I already knew...croup. Then Half-pint generously shared it with me for Christmas! What a kid! A few days after the holiday I had full-on laryngitis (the adult version of croup).

It's taken three weeks to rid Half-pint of the residual cold after the croup (and I'm still working on getting rid of mine), and just as he was getting back to normal, his belly started to hurt, then his throat. So we headed off to the pediatrician again. The MD was surprised when the rapid strep test came back negative and informed me what I already knew: either the strep test would come back positive in a few days (after they grow the culture), OR he has a virus which means diarrhea is coming. The verdict is still out, but given the two options I'm praying for positive strep.

I knew Half-pint was really sick when (in a 3 day period) we missed or rescheduled: speech therapy, gymnastics, play dates, swim lessons and his friend birthday party, and he never put up a fight. So needless to say, we've been spending a lot of time on the couch in pjs watching movies. Thank goodness for the Movie Box! Quarter-pint is literally running laps around the house and I'm trying not to get whatever Half-pint has! Wish us luck!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Half-pint!!!

I had a hard time with this birthday...I realized that my little Half-pint (who's really not very little-50 lbs. and taller than my elbows) is starting "big kid school" in a few months. We have year round school, so he'll most likely begin early July-on MY birthday! Happy Birthday Mom, I'm off to Big Kid School. Thank goodness it's only half-day kindergarten! Enough of my whining...this post is about Half-pint.

It's amazing how your life changes the moment your first baby is born---and how it continues to change every day after that. Half-pint is such a blessing to our family. He consistently astonishes me-with the things he says, the concepts he understands, the compassion he shows, the ingenuity he displays, the tenderness of his heart, the joy of his spirit, the humor of his personality, and the creativity of his mind. He is a joy to all around him. He has a truly contagious smile-a flash of his adorable dimples and you can't help but smile back at him. He relishes in his role as big brother; and as all brothers, he sometimes wishes to relinquish that role. But he truly loves Quarter-pint; he's lost when they are apart (which, other than preschool, doesn't happen very often).
Half-pint likes to get Quarter-pint up in the morning so they can play together, or so Half-pint can show his brother something amazing he's recently discovered. I look forward to every discovery and epiphany that Half-pint experiences and shares with me.
Half-pint is still a momma's boy, but has bravery to support him through new events (like going to big kid school). He is fun--full of teasing and laughing, not to mention tickles. He is smart, clever, and happy. He is self-reliant, energetic, and helpful. He works hard at learning new things and often catches on quickly. He has a mind that easily figures out puzzles, patterns, and problems-just a week or so ago, he figured out how to get the hex key off the top of the door frame...he simply lobbed his toothbrush up and knocked it down-he was pretty pleased when his toothbrush came down along with it.
Half-pint is truly exceptional-not in a genius sort of way, but as a genuine kind of kid. Half-pint you are precious and delightful, strong and caring, beautiful and kind. We love you!!!
Happy Birthday Half-pint!