Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quarter-pint Happenings...

Quarter-pint is as mischievous as he is adorable. I literally never know what he's going to do next. A few weeks ago the boys were playing nicely together in the basement, while I was upstairs. I heard Quarter-pint whining as he was coming up the stairs. I was totally unprepared for what I saw as he emerged from the bowels of the basement... He wasn't actually whining like I originally thought, but instead was repeating "stuck, stuck, stuck.." over and over all the way up the stairs. I immediately started laughing-he looked so funny stuck with the bucket handle across his chest, and the rest protruding behind him. He was a good sport and let me get a few snapshots before I set him free.

I have also recently found him standing on the kitchen table...his little arms extended about his head..."inging, inging" (swinging, swinging - for those that don't speak his missing initial consonant language). The light suspended from the ceiling above the table rocking back and forth.

He has also had adventures on the counter tops. I came into the kitchen to find a kitchen chair pushed up to the counter, and little Quarter-pint standing on the counter top-cupboard open. "Ake...Ake...Up" (cake, cake) He was trying to reach the muffin paper liners on the very top shelf (I can't even reach the top shelf without a little assistance!) so he could eat cake.

I love our central vacuum, at least I did until about a week ago. That's when I realized all the vacuum hose "plugs" are right at Quarter-pint's level. And they are fun to play with...each has a door with a spring so it stays shut when not in use. Who knew one of Quarter-pint's brand new Christmas presents - a bakugan (it's a small spherical toy that magnetically pops open to reveal a transformer-ish looking creature) - fits precisely in the central vacuum hose plug door? We had to vacuum the whole house before the darn thing would appear in the vacuum bag (in the freezing's been a really cold winter in CO). When Daddy showed it to me, it was totally encrusted with vacuum every little crevice, and there are a lot of crevices.

It happens at least a couple of times a week...I hear Half-pint half screaming, half laughing and find Quarter-pint laying on top of his brother in a pint-sized tackle.

We've been talking up the potty quite a bit around here lately. Quarter-pint needs some encouraging to really get potty training finished. On a recent shopping trip, we picked up some "big boy underpants" in his size-complete with his favorite character-Buzz Lightyear. Quarter-pint was so excited about it when we got home he wanted to look at the different pairs. Before I knew it, he had put one on over his diaper. Then another, and another, and another. He would have worn all 7 pairs, (all over his diaper) but the leg holes were getting too tight, and another just wouldn't fit. So, here he is...wearing nothing but a diaper and 4 pairs of big boy pants!

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Amber P. said...

I sent Sammi to get her pajamas on one night. The next morning I discovered she was wearing an oversized tee over her shirt from the previous day. When I asked her about it, she also gave me this nugget: "I couldn't find any pajama pants so I just put on another pair of underwear."

Quarter-pint wearing all those pairs of underwear reminded me of that.