Friday, January 8, 2010

Half-pint Gets Sick...Again...

It's been that kind of a holiday season for Half-pint. The weekend before Christmas the kids and I spent a few days at Grandma's house so I could utilize Grandma's help finishing a few homemade Christmas presents. The last night we stayed, Half-pint was hoarse and had a terrible night sleep. He joined Quarter-pint and I in the basement around 2 am, but neither Half-pint nor I slept very much...he was too uncomfortable and I was listening to his best sleeping Darth Vader impression. The next morning I promptly got him an appointment with the doctor so he could confirm what I already knew...croup. Then Half-pint generously shared it with me for Christmas! What a kid! A few days after the holiday I had full-on laryngitis (the adult version of croup).

It's taken three weeks to rid Half-pint of the residual cold after the croup (and I'm still working on getting rid of mine), and just as he was getting back to normal, his belly started to hurt, then his throat. So we headed off to the pediatrician again. The MD was surprised when the rapid strep test came back negative and informed me what I already knew: either the strep test would come back positive in a few days (after they grow the culture), OR he has a virus which means diarrhea is coming. The verdict is still out, but given the two options I'm praying for positive strep.

I knew Half-pint was really sick when (in a 3 day period) we missed or rescheduled: speech therapy, gymnastics, play dates, swim lessons and his friend birthday party, and he never put up a fight. So needless to say, we've been spending a lot of time on the couch in pjs watching movies. Thank goodness for the Movie Box! Quarter-pint is literally running laps around the house and I'm trying not to get whatever Half-pint has! Wish us luck!

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