Saturday, October 29, 2011

Peewee-pint Celebrates...

(I've had this post written for a LONG TIME, but never got around to including the photos...
It's official-Peewee-pint is 1!!! I am shocked at how quickly this past year has gone by! It's been a year FULL of all kinds of events - some good and others not as good. We've dealt with busy, busy Daddy-traveling for work and lots of meetings, health issues with the boys (all the boys at times), school schedules, vacations, and sports. Peewee-pint has trudged along with me through it all! He is a delightful baby! He is fun, happy, playful, loving, patient (mostly), silly, a tease, and very observant. Peewee-pint is clever, busy, noisy, and a great companion to me most everywhere I go. He LOVES his brothers and all the attention they dotingly give him. He is a Momma's boy, but adores his Daddy as well. He's quick with a smile and even a giggle when he thinks he's being clever. He gives "loves" on demand and loves to clap.

Peewee-pint has been through the medical ringer. When I sat down to think about it, I was surprised at how many different things he's had to deal with in this short year. He's had croup, strep throat, and a hand full of ear infections (some double). He's had RSV which led to brociolitis (that meant he was on oxygen for a week) and hypospadius surgery. Not to mention the stomach bug (twice) and seemingly never-ending colds. He's been amazing through it all!

It's so much fun to watch him learn and grow. I'm always amazed at how much they develop in the first year! Some milestones Peewee-pint has reached by his first birthday are: rolling over (6 months), sitting unassisted (rather late @ 9 months), crawling (really the toe-push army scoot) @ about 9 months, finger feeding himself @ 10 months, using a sippy cup @ 7 months, pulling up and "cruising" @ 10 months, 6 teeth (4 @ the same time-around 9 months), sleeping through the night (he mastered this a few times, then got sick and had to relearn). Peewee-pint can clap, give "high 5", give loves, says "hi", "momma", "dada", and "more", not to mention he tries to imitate most other words he hears. He teases his brothers, and plays "peek-a-boo".

Peewee-pint loves balls and cars. He likes to walk-pushing anything that he can move, or holding your hands, or along any vertical surface (furniture, walls, my legs-anything). He has definitely entered the "seek and destroy" stage-emptying any drawer or cupboard, toy box or bookshelf that catches his attention. He likes to be on the move-playing or exploring. He LOVES fruit and cheese and chicken nuggets. He HATES milk (we're still working on that). He only sleeps in his crib or car seat; but is generally happy-even when tired. He loves to be outside and to swing. He hates to get dressed or have his diaper changed. He likes to play in the bath and he has perfected throwing fits (complete with crying on the floor when things don't go his way).

Peewee-pint is tiny: measuring in at his one year well check at the 20% for weight and only the 3% for height. He still looks chubby since he's so short; but he's a real little peanut. He doesn't let his small size hold him back-he lets you know when he feels slighted or ignored-generally with a very loud, screeching scream. He keeps it up until his needs are met.

He regularly has people stopping in the shopping isles to admire him (all my boys have) and he typically gets temporarily shy. Peewee-pint is adorable and tremendously loved.


Friday, October 28, 2011

Quarter-pint Gets Zipped...

A few weeks ago, Quarter-pint had an accident after church. He and Half-pint were being a little too crazy while they were waiting for me to clean up all the primary stuff and he peed his pants. We were headed straight to Grandma's house from church, but I didn't have any extra underpants-only the boy's pjs. Daddy and I decided to save about 45 minutes (Grandma and the clan were waiting for us to arrive so we could all eat; and it's about a 45 minute drive anyway) that we would not go home for clean underpants, and just put Quarter-pint in his zipper, footed pajamas sans underpants. I told him he needed to be careful and to make sure he didn't have another accident because he didn't have any more clothes to change into.

He paid attention to my council, and was careful to go when he needed to and not get too distracted playing. Every time he went potty, he needed help getting back into his pjs. The arms were usually turned inside out. Grandma helped him the first time, then Grandpa the second. Quarter-pint likes to close the zipper-all the way from his toes to his nose-and he has a habit of zipping FAST. The second time he zipped, his little boy parts were in the way and he zipped himself on the way up! Poor kid!!! He cried and whimpered. It took about a week to completely heal. Needless to say, he's been more careful when he uses a zipper!