Friday, October 28, 2011

Quarter-pint Gets Zipped...

A few weeks ago, Quarter-pint had an accident after church. He and Half-pint were being a little too crazy while they were waiting for me to clean up all the primary stuff and he peed his pants. We were headed straight to Grandma's house from church, but I didn't have any extra underpants-only the boy's pjs. Daddy and I decided to save about 45 minutes (Grandma and the clan were waiting for us to arrive so we could all eat; and it's about a 45 minute drive anyway) that we would not go home for clean underpants, and just put Quarter-pint in his zipper, footed pajamas sans underpants. I told him he needed to be careful and to make sure he didn't have another accident because he didn't have any more clothes to change into.

He paid attention to my council, and was careful to go when he needed to and not get too distracted playing. Every time he went potty, he needed help getting back into his pjs. The arms were usually turned inside out. Grandma helped him the first time, then Grandpa the second. Quarter-pint likes to close the zipper-all the way from his toes to his nose-and he has a habit of zipping FAST. The second time he zipped, his little boy parts were in the way and he zipped himself on the way up! Poor kid!!! He cried and whimpered. It took about a week to completely heal. Needless to say, he's been more careful when he uses a zipper!

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