Thursday, September 22, 2011


Little, adorable Peewee-pint is getting into EVERYTHING! A few weeks ago, I was working in the office when I heard a horrible scream coming from the family room. As I got closer, I realized it was a combination of Peewee-pint screaming in pain, and Quarter-pint yelling for me. Peewee-pint had gotten his finger stuck in the VCR. (Yes, you read that correctly...VCR.) Just as I got to the screaming boys, Quarter-pint succeeded in freeing Peewee-pint's finger, but not without moving the entire machine half-way out from the wall, and removing the skin on both the inside middle knuckle, and top cuticle. Poor Peewee-pint-this was the first "blood incident" we've had with him. I soon got him calmed down and a band-aid with anti-bacterial cream onthe injured finger, knowing the band-aid wouldn't last too long, but at least it was stopping the blood and it was an attempt in keeping the wound clean.

Last week, with the finger nearly completely (but not quite totally) healed, I heard a similar screaming...this time Quarter-pint was more calm: "Mom, He did it again!" I moved faster and was able to free the tiny finger without any assault to his tender skin. Quarter-pint and I were astounded that Peewee-pint would get the exact same finger stuck in the VCR a second time! This time I called Daddy and asked him why the VCR is still out with the rest of the TV/movie/sound stuff in the family room. I can't remember the last time we actually used the VCR!

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