Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Mullet, No More...

Due to the increasing number of random old ladies at the grocery store saying "What an adorable little girl!"--despite Peewee-pint being enrobed entirely in BLUE-the inevitable finally happened: Peewee-pint got a haircut. It was kind of a sad day for Daddy and I. We had grown fond of the affectionately termed "baby mullet". His light colored locks were curling very nicely at his shirt collar-but when it was wet---

OH BOY--the true dimensions of the white-trash hairstyle became evident! The photos don't do the wet hair any was getting LONG!

We took him to a "kid hair cutting establishment", complete with fun shaped salon chairs, and little TV screens in front of every station for the little ones to watch; with the hopes of them getting completely engulfed in their show to forget about the follicle massacre going on around them. Unfortunately for us, Peewee-pint isn't quite that interested in TV yet. We managed to keep him in the taxi shaped chair for the entire cut-but just barely. Daddy and I are still getting used to the new look. I like it, but I also miss running my fingers through the 6 inches of hair on the back of his head that's now gone. At least he had enough hair to cut; Half-pint was a full 14 months OLDER than Peewee-pint is now before he got his locks chopped!
That's an AWESOME cowlick on the right-side of the nape of his neck-it makes me CRAZY! (Although, Quarter-pint takes the cake for cowlicks-his head is full of them!)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Half-pint Celebrates...

My baby had ANOTHER birthday...I can't believe he's 7!
Half-pint had a wonderful birthday-with solid celebrations for about 3 weeks. Daddy took him out to dinner and to a Denver Nuggets game about a week before the big day; then he got to open a few presents on the morning of the big day (before he went to school); later I volunteered in his class and brought in lunch from Wendy's-and joined him in the cafeteria. I also left chocolate donuts with sprinkles @ school so he could celebrate with all his friends in his class. That evening, we had a family party @ Chuck E. Cheese. He got to open MORE presents with the rest of the family (Momma's side this time) the weekend after his birthday; and a LEGO friend party a couple of weeks later. was A LOT of celebrations! We all had a great time--especially Half-pint!
Half-pint has really grown this past year. He's grown a few inches and gained about 6 pounds. He's lost nearly a mouthful of teeth as well. He's enjoying school (especially recess, P.E., and math). He works REALLY hard on his school work-even the stuff that's hard-he has an amazing work ethic for a 1st grader! It's becoming more and more apparent that his brain works in terms of math and patterns. He is very detailed oriented and has an amazing ability to recall those details.
Half-pint is a fun -loving kid. One of his current favorite activities (besides the Wii) is turning on the Lego radio he got for his birthday and having a "dance party" with his brothers. Half-pint has some GOOOD moves! (Do to all the Just Dance games with Aunt C5!) He also loves to play soccer and enjoys golf. He's doing well with his swim lessons too. Half-pint loves to tease and laugh. He's always cracking jokes and giggling. He's smile is always adorable (and always changing due to the missing teeth).
Half-pint is a great big brother to both Quarter-pint and Peewee-pint. He adores them both and is a super helper. He likes to "show Peewee-pint the ropes" and explain anything he can to him. He's typically willing to help me around the house-especially unloading the dishwasher or cleaning the glass table top.
Half-pint keeps things interesting around here with his flair for the dramatic (especially when he's hurt). Even Quarter-pint knows how to deal with the drama, coaching Half-pint with: "Take a deep breath-in through your nose and our through your mouth".
Despite the drama, Half-pint is sweet, energetic, compassionate, self-reliant, kind, happy, helpful, funny, hard working, loving, quick witted, entertaining, creative, resourceful and so much more...
We LOVE you and are so grateful you are in our family!!! Happy Birthday Half-pint!!!