Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Baby Mullet, No More...

Due to the increasing number of random old ladies at the grocery store saying "What an adorable little girl!"--despite Peewee-pint being enrobed entirely in BLUE-the inevitable finally happened: Peewee-pint got a haircut. It was kind of a sad day for Daddy and I. We had grown fond of the affectionately termed "baby mullet". His light colored locks were curling very nicely at his shirt collar-but when it was wet---

OH BOY--the true dimensions of the white-trash hairstyle became evident! The photos don't do the wet hair any was getting LONG!

We took him to a "kid hair cutting establishment", complete with fun shaped salon chairs, and little TV screens in front of every station for the little ones to watch; with the hopes of them getting completely engulfed in their show to forget about the follicle massacre going on around them. Unfortunately for us, Peewee-pint isn't quite that interested in TV yet. We managed to keep him in the taxi shaped chair for the entire cut-but just barely. Daddy and I are still getting used to the new look. I like it, but I also miss running my fingers through the 6 inches of hair on the back of his head that's now gone. At least he had enough hair to cut; Half-pint was a full 14 months OLDER than Peewee-pint is now before he got his locks chopped!
That's an AWESOME cowlick on the right-side of the nape of his neck-it makes me CRAZY! (Although, Quarter-pint takes the cake for cowlicks-his head is full of them!)

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Callie and Jordan said...

I don't know how I feel about this. I guess it had to happen sometime. His mullet was cute though, but he is still adorable with or without it!