Saturday, April 16, 2011

Quarter-pint Is Up To Antics Again...

I had forgotten how mischievous Quarter-pint was before he couldn't breathe or get a good night sleep. Now that those issues are basically resolved, the impish Quarter-pint is back...with a vengeance! And last Saturday he was making up for lost time:

I was at a meeting, while Daddy was home with all three boys. Half-pint had a soccer game, and as Daddy was trying to herd everyone out the door, he sent Quarter-pint to get in the car (that was Daddy's mistake...I NEVER just send him out to the car unsupervised). By the time Daddy got to the garage, he was stunned to find Quarter-pint STANDING on the TOP of the van, waving a swimming noodle. He was taller than the garage door tracks! We're still not sure exactly how he climbed up onto the roof of the van, but thankfully he came down nicely into Daddy's waiting arms; who then quickly placed him into his car seat buckles (of which there is still no unassisted escape). Although we did find little hand prints on the outside of the passenger's front window-just visible in the right light.

Later Saturday afternoon, I was sitting on the couch, feeding Peewee-pint when I spied Half-pint try to stealthily escape out the front door toting Quarter-pint's scooter. I hollered at Daddy since I was in no position to chase after the boys--outside, in front of the neighbors; but Daddy didn't seem to think there was any concern. So after a few long minutes, I made myself presentable and hauled Peewee-pint out the front door to find the two little bedlam-ites (Daddy was still no where to be found-somewhere in the house replacing washed window screens). As I emerged into the afternoon sunshine, with 17 pounds of baby clinging to my hip, I was surprised to find Quarter-pint in the middle of the street-wearing his underpants, and NOTHING else. Half-pint was at the end of the culde-sac sans shoes or helmet, on the scooter.

I couldn't help but wonder what the neighbors think!

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Jenifuz said...

Oh the little boy antics!! And what is it with dad's who think that when mom yells to them to go get the kiddos they can take their own sweet time?!? Trav does the same thing and I just shudder to think of the trouble that can happen in those few minutes!