Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Quarter-pint Post-Surgery Changes...

Now that Quarter-pint is finally fully recovered from his surgery, we've noticed some interesting changes in his behavior and preferences:

  • Prior to surgery, he wore a pull-up at night-soaking it nearly every early morning; after surgery he keeps his pants dry all night-every night.
  • Prior to surgery Quarter-pint used a sippy cup-all the time; after surgery he won't go near one.
  • Prior to surgery Quarter-pint generally ate very little; after surgery, he eats ALL THE TIME
  • Prior to surgery he thought he was a little cow-drinking literally 2 1/2 GALLONS of MILK each WEEK by himself; after surgery I think he's had about 5 cups TOTAL in the past 5 weeks (I'm saving at least $20 a month on milk)
  • Prior to surgery, he was not interested in ice cream-would hardly eat any; after surgery Quarter-pint asks and earnestly feels he should eat ice cream, or a chocolate milkshake EVERYDAY!

We fully expected him to sleep better thus feel better, having more energy, etc, etc. but some the above changes are a little surprising and a bit humorous.


cara said...

It must have been hard for him to eat. That is probably why he drank so much milk. I know the surgery was hard but it definetly seems like you made the right decision :)

Jenifuz said...

How fun to look at the changes! Personally my favorite is the night time dryness! Wish I could get some of that over here!