Wednesday, August 26, 2009

More Quarter-pint Mischief...

Just this morning (it's not even noon yet), I've caught Quarter-pint tearing pages out of library books, playing with the handicam, playing with my heat laminating machine, picking on his brother, playing with the extra car keys-setting off the car alarm (with the car securely in the closed garage), turning up the volume on the movie the boys were watching so loud that I could hear it upstairs while I was in the shower, tearing apart my spider plant, continually opening and closing the freezer, and generally causing havoc.

This is a fairly typical day with Quarter-pint; sometimes I'm nearly consumed by trying to keep him out of trouble and from getting hurt. I am SO happy for his afternoon nap time that I can barely contain my excitement. Aren't busy two-year-old boys fun?

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Kathy said...

Whew!!! Remind me to read this before my next time to babysit!