Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Quarter-pint!!!

We've been celebrating Quarter-pint's birthday on and off for about two weeks, depending on what family has been in town, and when we've already planned to get together. I'm not sure he actually knows when his birthday is. We had a family party with Daddy's side of the family, and then one with Mommy's side (while Aunt C 4 was in town). We went to Build-A-Bear with Grandma K a couple of days before his birthday, and then one the actual day, he had a few more presents to open and got a little bit of cake right before bed. Miss A, his speech therapist got to come one last time the day before his birthday and brought a ballon bouquet. He was thrilled!!! I'm really sad he's outgrown his speech program with Miss A. She was wonderful! We're really going to miss having her come every week. Now that Quarter-pint is 3, he will begin a group speech therapy.

Quarter-pint has been an absolute delight to have around. I really enjoyed the one-on-one time I had with him this last school year while Half-pint was at preschool. The last 2 weeks or so have been a different story though. Quarter-pint has officially entered the "terrible threes". So much worse than the twos!!! Between all the changes he has coming up (brother going to school every day, Quarter-pint starting preschool, the new baby, changing speech therapy teachers/format/routine, changing bed rooms and moving out of the crib-finally- and potty training) he has a lot to assimilate. What a crazy couple of months for this kid! I will be glad when preschool begins in a week or so (he's only going 2 days a week, so I'll still get some good one-on-one time-at least until the baby comes)!

Despite all the life he crams into his day, he is a great kid and we can't imagine a day without him. Quarter-pint is quite the kid. He's cute, sassy, funny, compassionate, opportunistic, clever, daring, lovable, and stubborn. He adores his big brother and Daddy and he loves me too. He likes to do things his way and has an iron will. He can be very cooperative at times (when he wants to be) and doesn't seem to be too fazed by bribery (very much unlike his brother). Quarter-pint is adorable and blatantly naughty. He is endearing and precious. We love you Quarter-pint!!! Happy 3rd Birthday!

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Happy Birthday big guy!!!