Sunday, July 25, 2010

Are You Smarter Than A Pre-Preschooler???

Are YOU smarter than a pre-preschooler?
I was seriously contemplating the answer to that very question a few days ago...
Half-pint was really excited to have Aunt C6 over for a play-date and I was happy to have a little break from entertaining the boys for a few hours. Quarter-pint is always in the thick of things, especially with Aunt C6! Sometime after lunch, Half-pint found me and said

"Brother took all the letters off the keyboard, but don't worry Mom, we fixed it. We couldn't get the 'G' back on right. Can you fix that one?"

Sure enough, when I next made it to the office, all the keys were on the keyboard, but the 'G' wasn't sitting flat like the others. I figured Daddy could fix it when he came home and was frankly relieved there wasn't any more damage I would have to report to Daddy.
Later that evening, when Daddy and I were both using the computer, we quickly realized that all the keys were back on the keyboard, but they weren't all in exactly the correct place. Daddy asked me if I could straighten it out. I struggled and struggled to simply get the keys OFF the keyboard. And then I felt like a complete idiot when I remember that Quarter-pint (not yet quite three and not yet quite in preschool) obviously had no problem removing the said keys. There was talk of googling the topic of 'keyboard deconstruction', but to my delight, I figured it out-without the help of the internet-and replaced the 6 misplaced keys.
I was triumphant! (and at least as smart as my little pre-preschooler)!


Jenifuz said...

it's amazing what they figure out sometimes! :)

cara said...

Wow. This picture is hard to tell which boy it is. I assume it is Quarter pint.