Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Quarter-pint Is At It Again...

I realized today that Quarter-pint is about the same age
Half-pint was when I began this blog...heaven help us!

The boys were playing nicely together in the basement this afternoon, when they came upstairs to find me. I quickly noticed a familiar, but not terribly common (in my house) smell. I recognized it almost immediately...bleach. I then took a closer look at the boys' clothes-both were beginning to show the distinct signs of...bleach. I quickly made them both strip down and threw their clothes into the washer on a rise cycle-in a desperate attempt to minimize the damage. Then I ran downstairs dreading the scene I would find. Half-pint was right behind me filling me in on the details. Apparently Quarter-pint knocked over a bottle of bathroom cleaner (with...bleach) and the lid broke off. Then as best I can figure, he got a little on his own clothes and smeared more on his brother. Thankfully the mess seemed to be contained to a small area in the unfinished basement, with most of the...bleach on the painted sub-floor. It cleaned up quickly and without any noticeable damage. There was a little...bleach ring on the shelf where Half-pint put the bottle-out of Quarter-pint's reach.

As I tried to call Daddy to have someone to commiserate with, I sat on the top of the cooler chest and immediately had a wet bum-DRAT-now I have...bleach on my pants! They immediately went into the washer with the rest of the destroyed clothes. I think I have all the...bleach cleaned up and now waiting the results of the washing machine--I'm pretty sure Half-pint's pants and shirt are ruined; Quarter-pint's shirt might be salvable and I think my jeans will be okay. Amazingly, Quarter-pint managed to keep his own pants...bleach free.

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