Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day...

Nearly every morning for the past two weeks, Half-pint has come into my room in the wee hours of the morning asking "Is it Mother's Day today?" I can probably thank Ms. B.- his preschool teacher for at least some of his enthusiasm. I know they worked on a Mother's day gift at school for about a week, and were talking about it before that. When I picked him up from school on Thursday, he couldn't contain his excitement and gave me his gift right then...a beautifully decorated photo frame, complete with a picture of the two of us.

Then, on the duly appointed morning, I vaguely heard Daddy say something like, "Wait for me, I'll come down stairs in a minute" before I rolled over and went back to sleep. Before I knew it, there was Quarter-pint, his bright little face in mine, saying "It's your Mother's Day!" The boys (mostly Half-pint, with a little help from Daddy) had made me breakfast--scrambled eggs, waffles and toast. (Yes, Half-pint made scrambled eggs with supervision from Daddy!) Each did their part in bringing the feast to me in bed-Quarter-pint carrying the fork, knife and napkin, Half-pint the plate brimming with food, and Daddy a glass of water. The boys were so excited and proud! They then proceeded to climb on the bed and help me eat the delicious breakfast.

The rest of the day was equally nice...with church and Half-pint giving a great primary talk, then dinner at my parent's house. It was a delicious feast created by Dad. Then off to wish Grammy a happy Mother's Day on our way home. The boys were happy a fairly well behaved all day.
Who could ask for a better holiday?

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Cassy and Taylor said...

love the picture and the frame. He did a great job on it!