Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quart-pint Cuts His Hair...

Crazy things happen when the kids are left to play while the moms have a presidency meeting. I thought all the kids were playing rather least they didn't seem to need the attention of the moms. Near the end of the meeting, Half-pint comes into the kitchen carrying a pair of scissors and declared " Quarter-pint cut his hair with these scissors." Then he dutifully handed them to me and walked out. I jumped up and ran to find Quarter-pint to assess the damage--thankful he didn't' cut anything more than his hair. When I found him, I also found long pieces of his blond hair all over the end table in the living room. As I rubbed the top of his head, I realized a lot of hair was flying away. On closer inspection, I was relieved to see he actually cut a patch that's not on the very top of his head, but just an underneath layer from the top of his head. I quickly determined we didn't need to shave it all off, or take him in to have it fixed. He's been telling everyone that he used scissors (NOT these scissors...they don't really open) on his hair all week long!

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