Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Half-pint's Faith...

Tonight, as I was putting the boys to bed, Half-pint came into Quarter-pint's room with a question:
"Mom, do you know where my alphabet game is?"
"No, I'm not sure which game you're talking about."
"My Leapster alphabet game. I looked everywhere."
"Sorry, I don't know where it is...look again and I'll be in soon to read to you."

Then he headed back to his room and I finished the bedtime routine with Quarter-pint.

When I got to Half-pint's room, he was busily playing the alphabet game. He barely noticed when I came in and asked him where he found his game. He paused and looked up at me and simply said:
"I said a prayer to Jesus and found it."

Then he was back to his game...