Monday, November 2, 2009

Half-pint Halloween...

This year, the Halloween season seemed to come earlier than ever before. I was shocked when the costume Half-pint was interested in was sold out in his size when I began the epic adventure of finding costumes for the boys-in mid-September! I thought, "we'll be able to find's still early". Then, when I hit the search hard again in early October, I was stunned when literally all the costumes Half-pint was interested in were sold out in his size-even at the on-line stores. I was really feeling like a bad mother...I couldn't even find a costume for my little guy-what a slacker I was!?! (Quarter-pint's was easy...even got it at a discount at a consignment mid-September.) After literally searching ALL the stores in the local mall AND the outlet mall with no luck we came home and hit eBay. I found one that he really liked, won the bid and we waited for it to arrive. When the green monster with 3 eyes (very adorable I might add) finally arrived, I could smell the stench of old cigarette smoke through the plastic packaging. I nearly pass out when I actually opened it! It went straight in the washing machine, but one trip through the wash cycle wasn't enough. Half-pint tried it on and to our utter horror, it was too small! I toyed with the idea of cutting it all apart, sewing hems on all the cuts and making a one-piece suit into three, but quickly decided that was entirely too much work. Luckily for Half-pint I got a great deal on-line on a pirate costume. I bought it with the intention of "dress up", but with the entire Halloween costume fiasco (which lasted a good 6 weeks) I decided to offer it up. He was thrilled and quickly decided that was the costume for him! Thankfully he's pretty agreeable about those kind of things!
(this little giraffe loves lollipops)
Then the week of Halloween, we were hit with a HUGE snow storm...HUGE...3 snow days from school-amidst 2.5 days of non-stop snow! (I nearly went CRAZY, especially because the timing of the storm was the first week back from a 2 week fall break!) Half-pint's Halloween party at preschool was postponed, and then cancelled due to the weather. The trunk'or'treat activity at church was a huge maybe right up until the 28th, and we were all praying that the weather would hold and the snow would stop in time for the actual holiday.
Thankfully, the snow let up and the weather warmed up enough that trick'or'treating was actually pleasant (I just wore a light weight jacket-no heavy coats!). The boys were excited about the annual tradition of trick'or'treating at Daddy's office. They get to see their cousins-that makes it really fun! Quarter-pint started to get the hang of the whole free candy thing. He loved it!
Then, on Halloween evening, we did more trick'or'treating at the church activity. All the way home, the boys ate as much candy as they's it great to be a kid! We got pizza for dinner and Half-pint set his mind to man the door. By 5:30 he was sticking his little neck out the front door and yelling to anyone within earshot that we had candy and they should come to our door. He was actually soliciting trick'or'treaters!

I took the boys out in our neighborhood to fill their new candy bags (hand-made while waiting out a snow storm). When we came to houses with a bowl of candy on the porch, Half-pint would intentionally take candy he didn't like. I questioned him about it and was quite surprised at his response:

"You don't like that kind of candy."
"I know."
"You can pick a different kind, something that you like."
"I know, I want to take this one."
"So I can sell it at home, to the kids who come to our door."

Wow, I was shocked...he understood it on some many we can take his candy and pass it out if our candy bowl runs out...what kid actually plans for that??? Is he a budding entrepreneuer?
As soon as we got about a block and a half away from home, Half-pint stopped going to doors to get more candy. He waited patiently on the sidewalk while I escorted little Quarter-pint to the door, then we headed home...we did not pass GO, just straight home. Half-pint was ready to eat his pizza and hand out some more candy. When we walked in the door, he quickly pulled all the "sell it" candy out of his bag-it went into the candy bowl by the door. He loves to man the door-even more than getting the candy himself (of course he has access to the entirety of our candy while manning the door-smart kid!)

So, Halloween was a success after all, despite the costume fiasco in September and the weather the end of October. They can't wait to do it all again next year!

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