Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Labor Day Weekend...

(Okay, I know I'm way behind with my blogs. Sorry! For any of you who follow my blog, rest asured, it's certanily NOT because my children have been perfect recently. We've been busy, and my children have been up to their usual antics. I simply haven't had a chance to blog anything.)

Labor Day weekend, we spent in the high county with Grammy and Grandpa and Cousin H. The boys had a great time, and we didn't have any real antics, but we did get to do a few things that were new for the boys. One thing we did was take both boys 4-wheeling in Grandpa's jeep. Daddy and I had a great time. I couldn't believe it when we looked in the back seat and BOTH boys were sound asleep; their little heads bobbing and bouncing with every move of the tires. They probably slept for the first 20-30 minutes. Once they woke up, Quarter-pint seemed to really enjoy the trip. Half-pint got scared near the top, even though it was a wide, open high alpine meadow. He kept pleading with us "Let's go home, this mountain scary!" He eventually enjoyed the rest of the ride down the mountain.

We also took Half-pint mini-golfing. Daddy bought him a set of plastic clubs, balls and holes recently; he's been practicing. He had a great time golfing with me; and did a good job. We played two rounds and he had 3 (yep-three) hole-in-ones! I couldn't believe it because he held the club funny and kept trying to hit the ball left-handed. Unfortantually, we didn't get any pictures of "golf-bally", but we did get some evidence that Half-pint should be "locked-up"

We also enjoyed walks with Grandpa and playing with and helping Grammy. It was a great weekend!

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Jenifuz said...

I can't believe they slept while 4-wheeling!!! Now, that's a talent!