Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Anyone who reads my blog will not be surprised to hear that Half-pint has bumped his head quite hard EVERY Wednesday for the past three weeks! I'm not sure why it's only been Wednesdays, but that seems to be the day to bonk his head. The first time, he tripped while we were out shopping and hit the side of his head very hard on the floor. (See post 36 Hours...)

The next time was the following week, again on our Wednesday errands. All week Half-pint had been talking about not liking hitting his head. I don't blame him. He was really careful to stay with me, but as we were leaving the library, he ran ahead to push the handicap automatic door button (I had Quarter-pint in the stroller). As he ran, he tripped again and smacked his forehead on the wall beneath the door button. Again, it was REALLY loud. The library staff was quickly at our side, and after a few minutes it was apparent that it sounded worse that it really was. No huge goose egg bump this time-thankfully, just a slightly raised red spot. As we waited for ice from the librarians, Half-pint said through his tears "Mom, we have ice at home!" He knows the drill!

Today we didn't do all of our usual Wednesday errands, so I thought we were home free, but this afternoon, he jumped off the stool in the bathroom and somehow (I didn't actually see it happen) hit his head on the bathroom door knob. He immediately fell to the floor crying loudly (at least loud enough to wake up his sleeping brother). As I did the now very familiar inspection of his most recent badge of honor, I noticed the bruise beginning to form, and a small cut on his ear. Again, we got the ice pack and snuggled on the couch until he began to wiggle. I know that he's tired of smacking his head. It's tough being a kid!!!

Quarter-pint has a huge bruise on his forehead also!

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Dave said...

I just did a psychiatric interview with a mom who has an autistic kid, who loves Wednesday more than anything in the world. If she's angry or screaming or otherwise inconsolable, you just have to remind her how close it is to Wednesday and she'll get all excited and happy again. I suggest next Wednesday, wrap him in blankets and duct tape him to that pole in the basement.