Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My Half-pint is very much like most kids his age-he's quite tech. savoy; especially because he can't read. When Daddy brought home a universal remote to control the TV, DVD, CD, and the like, Half-pint had the basics figured out more quickly than we did. Before he was two, he would turn on the TV, the DVD player and Amp.; then open a DVD case and not only put the disc in the player, but also turn it on! The only hitch was if the TV wasn't set on the correct setting to watch DVDs. We quickly learned through the sacrifice of a few DVD discs that we needed to keep the discs out of his reach. I devised an ingenious plan...ingenious until recently when Half-pint got smarter than me. We took all the DVDs out of their cases and put all the discs into a large CD book, which now lives on the top shelf above all the AV equipment (it's really part of the fireplace mantle). Well, it was inevitable...I keep catching Half-pint pushing tall things in front of the mantle so he can reach the CD book. At first it was the high chair-the high chair which happens to be on wheels! Then a few days ago, I caught him doing this... Those are the cushions and ottoman from the living room couch and chair set. He is resourceful. In order to pull this stunt off, he had to move all three (quite large compared to his body size) pieces from the other room, and then stack them, and then climb to the top. What a kid! (Quarter-pint looks almost as happy as Half-pint!)

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