Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Nights...

Tonight was the first night we actually ate our dinner on the back porch. We've had such a chilly spring, we keep forgetting it's actually "summer" (at least in the sense that the neighborhood kids are out of school). I tried a new recipe for dinner and judging from the comments it was a hit! We had pork chops with a creamy herb sauce, mashed potatoes, and oven roasted carrots. Here's a little snippet of the conversation around the dinner table tonight:

Half-pint: "Momma, I hungry. We eat lots of vegetables."
Momma: "Okay, it's time to eat, please sit in your chair."
Half-pint: " Wow, Momma, it looks good!"

After the blessing, the mostly one-sided conversation continues...

Half-pint: "Wawishlious Momma!"
Momma: "I'm glad you like it. Please eat your meat."
Daddy: "The carrots are really tender!"
Half-pint: "THANK YOU Momma! I wove the potatoes!"
Momma: "I'm glad you like it, please eat your meat."
Half-pint: "I eat some meat-it's yummy!"

Pause for swallowing...

Half-pint: "I SO happy! Dinner wawishlious! Thank you Momma! I eat my potatoes all gone!"

It's great to actually get some thanks for dinner and to actually have everyone like it!

Summer bedtime is the pits when you're one of the littlest kids on the block (especially when it's hot outside). Tonight after we put Half-pint to bed-before the sun set-I could hear him talking. I listened from the outside of his bedroom door, where I could see him kneeling at his window:

"Hey, you guys! I ober here! Hey guys...I ober here...Be quiet! It's bed time. I try to sleep. Be quiet, it's bed time!"

As he realized I was in his room he said to me: " close my window? They be noisy I can't sleep...I play?"

We closed his window (I never saw anyone outside, but I'm sure the kid across the street had been out) and he eventually fell asleep in his bed. Then I opened the window again-it's a hot night.

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Jeni said...

I love when dinner goes so well. I don't usually get those comments from Cayden as he's a little to stubborn and won't try many new things! Ethan has a hard time going to bed now too, even though all of his friends are going to bed too! The fun of summertime!