Friday, June 6, 2008

Half-pint Hair Cut...

So, Half-pint's hair has always been a little slow growing. He's always had hair, but didn't get his first hair cut until after Quarter-pint was born! (Half-pint was 2.5!) So, Half-pint is still a little apprehensive when we talk about getting his hair cut again. I have to bribe him with some ice cream if he sits still and wears the cape (he really hated the cape the first few times, and he only barely tolerates it now).

This week, we decided he needed his hair cut again (for the sixth time in his short little life). After we went to the library, I again brought up the hair cut idea. He reluctantly agreed, but only after I reminded him about the traditional ice cream stop.

"I get ba-lllla ice cream, with sprinkles!?!"

"Yes, you can have vanilla ice cream, IF you sit still and wear the cape and be a good boy."

"Yes Mom. I wove ba-llla ice cream!"

"How do you want your hair cut?"

"I want it stand up!"

Sure enough, he sat very still and wore the cape, just like I asked him to do. But I didn't require him to smile to get vanilla ice cream. He sat very sternly and very seriously, but he was still.

I think he's been hanging around his brother-and wanted the same hair cut!


Cara and Dave said...

The haircut looks great!

Cassy and Taylor said...

I love the hair cut! Now they totally look like brothers!