Thursday, May 1, 2008

Bath, Anyone...?

Bath Anyone...?

We didn't have much time to wait before Half-pint was at it again! Just two days after christening our home with a hole in the door, he struck again. My little Half-pint is a great kid, pretty obedient and a lot of fun, but when he gets tired, instead of getting grouchy, he gets naughty (then he gets grouchy). I knew that he was a little tired, but he hadn't begun the naughtiness yet, so I suggested he play in the bath tub with all his ducks and boats and such. Generally this is a great activity to give me a little break and settle him down. I was frantically working on a baby blanket for my newest niece (born the previous evening) before we went to the hospital to meet her later that evening, when I realized that I hadn't checked on Half-pint for awhile. I could hear him playing, so I wasn't too concerned...while I finally got upstairs and opened the door to his bathroom, I was immediately hit with the weight of humidity. That is not a good sign, even in a small, closed bathroom. My first step completely soaked my foot (I'm really glad I wasn't wearing socks-I hate wet socks!). I looked at Half-pint and then at the tub and quickly realized that he had poured HALF of the water from the fairly full bathtub onto the carpeted floor! I was shocked-he had been working on his wet little project for quite awhile since he only had one 8 oz. plastic cup and two empty bubble bath bottles at his disposal! He is resourceful! The entire carpeted floor in his bathroom was soaking! I quickly grabbed all the large towels I could find to soak up all the water. I couldn't believe how much water I was soaking up! Each time I put a towel down, and stepped on it, water flooded around my foot. By this time Half-pint was ready to get out of the tub, but being the mean Mother that I am, I made him stay in the half-full tub until I finished soaking up water. When I finally got as much water as I could, I ran all the dripping towels downstairs to the laundry room and then got Half-pint dressed. I made him go to the basement with me and help carry up the vacuum to try to get the rest of the water. After a little visit with a wrinkly-footed Mother, he spent some time on his bed for time out! What a turkey! (or should I say a fish out of water?)

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