Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Easter (Just a Little Late)...

Okay, so I haven't been very good about posting recently (I still need to post about all the reasons I haven't been posting).  Here's the yearly photos of the boys together on Easter!  Since Half-pint was baptized earlier this year (a post on that later...I promise) he has been wearing ties to we make Quarter-pint wear one as well.  Peewee-pint doesn't want to be left out and insists on wearing a tie "like big boys"!  I think it's adorable!

After church, we headed to Grandma's house for a nice dinner, and the traditional Easter egg hunt in the backyard with cousins.  

Peewee-pint even had it figured out this year.  
The boys got a new pair of pajamas in their Easter baskets; Quarter-pint and Peewee-pint insisted on wearing them to Grandma's house.

Half-pint won the Egg War this year.  He beat Aunt C5, and he was pretty pleased with himself!

We also enjoyed Carrot Cupcakes that Aunt C6 helped make. 
They were delicious!  I think each of the boys ate two or three!