Monday, July 22, 2013

Zoo Day....

I took the boys to the zoo for a little summer fun.  It was fun...but very HOT!  We had to stop for ice cream just to cool down!

We ate our way through the park, with specially bought snacks just for the occasion (Oreos, Twinkies, Chips Ahoy-Soft (that soft is VERY important...2 stops to get the correct cookies), beef jerky, crackers, yogurt, etc).  We ate SO much junk, the boys said "Don't tell Dad" and "We better eat a really healthy dinner tonight!"

We did have fun, despite the heat!  We basically wandered the entire zoo that hot, hot afternoon.  

Here's my little hoodlum - complete with crooked hat and sagging shorts...eaten' it up.

And my 3 monkeys checking out the Great Apes
They had a great time watching the Gibbons swinging all around it's enclosure.  We all agreed that it would be pretty fun to brachiate like they do!

This is my personal favorite to see...the Cassowary (or "Dinosaur Bird" as I like to call it).  It has HUGE feet with SHARP claws...And I just think it looks pretty primeval.

And this is something you don't see everyday, as Half-pint put it when showing the pictures to Daddy.  He's right though, I've been to the zoo a lot and I don't think I've ever seen this before!  I'm sure it happens--Tigers can climb--but it was fun to come upon it.
Look carefully in the center of the photo...then below for a closer shot
Close up from inside the building...

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