Thursday, March 22, 2012

Quarter-pint Speaks...

This One, has been a lot of fun lately...even despite the cough and sore throat he's been fighting. He's been saying some awesome things the past few days, and I wanted to make sure I recorded them before I forget.

Quarter-pint was being especially adorable a few days ago, when I asked him:
"When did you get so big?"
"Everyday" was his obvious response-with the usual twinkle in his eye.
Then I asked him:
"When did you get so cute?"
"Umm, October." He stated simply, still smiling.
Tonight when we were talking after I tucked the boys to bed, Quarter-pint suddenly said:
"I used to be funny...but now I'm silly."
"What's the difference between funny and silly?"
"I don't know, but everybody thinks I'm al-harry-ious." (hilarious)

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