Saturday, March 10, 2012

Old Soul...

This one just has the look of an old soul. Sometimes I look at him and think
"Are you 80, or just 18 months???"

He's a tease and a lot of fun--when he's NOT throwing a
fit or a tantrum. He can be super sweet and is very curious. He's a climber...we're just waiting for him to fall off something and get seriously hurt (since the head-first fall from the rocking chair didn't seem to phase him too much, I'm a little worried about what WILL actually hurt him!) He adores his brothers and gets really excited when they come home from school. He's definitely just under 18 months old; but sometimes, when you look into his little blue eyes, you get a glimpse of an old man in a tiny body.


Cassy and Taylor said...

What a sweet little man. I love the pictures!

Jenifer said...

He's such a cutie!!!