Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Peewee-pint's 9 Months Stats...

Peewee-pint had his 9 month well check this morning. He is by far the smallest from our house. Here's the stats.:

Height: 27 1/4 inches (20 %)
Weight: 19 lbs, 2 oz (30 %)
Head: 45 cm (50 %)

Peewee-pint is a peewee! He's adorable in every way! He is officially mobile, doing a version of the army crawl-pulling with his arms and pushing with his toes. He is starting to get adventurous by venturing farther and farther from where ever he's put down. He is also rocking on his hands and knees (or toes with his large tush in the air) enough to do a few face plants...thankfully none have caused tears...yet. Peewee-pint is still toothless-older than both his brothers to hold that distinction. He knows his name and is getting pretty vocal-we hear lots of "mmmamama" and "dadddaddda"as well as bubbles, razzes, laughing, and squealing. He is curious and loves to be outside. He's finally gotten on the "solid food train" and basically loves anything that comes from moms bowl or dads plate. He often finds dry cereal or crackers on the floor-thanks to the older boys, and quickly stuffs it in his mouth. He's even sitting up better-although he still doesn't last too long on his own. He likes to stand and is getting strong little (chubby) legs. He gives loves and smiles freely to family. He's a joy!

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Jenifer said...

He's a cutie!!!!