Sunday, July 24, 2011

Half-pint's Summer...

Half-pint is just about ready to head back to school. It's been a low key summer chalkfull of sports for Half-pint! He played spring soccer until the middle of June, then started baseball in July and August. He participated in a couple of different golf camps (I don't have any golf photos from this summer because I always just dropped him off and then they all headed out to the course). He also played in a week-long sports camp focusing on soccer and flag football.

To top it all off, Daddy took him to the go kart track last week for a little driving. He did great for his first time behind the wheel. There were a few other kids on the track at the same time. The instructors told the kids to be careful because if they crashed they were kicked off the track. Half-pint suited up and followed the instructions to the T! He followed Daddy's kart for a few laps then he was allowed to go faster if her wanted to...he did not want to. He took it slow for the entire drive. He told us later that he didn't want to crash. I'm sure this was just the beginning of many trips to the go kart track!

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