Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Peewee-pint Working on New Tricks...

Peewee-pint is 8 months old. He's adorable, round, (mostly) calm, even tempered, and rolling like crazy!

He still doesn't sit up alone-completely unassisted. When he sits on the floor, someone needs to be pretty close by because it's just a matter of seconds before his round bottom gives in to gravity (and the gravitational pull of that HUGE noggin sitting on his shoulders). He quickly falls over, either sideways or straight back.

Peewee-pint, IS however rolling like a master! Once he figured it out, he quickly began rolling all over the room. He also began pushing off from his toes to maneuver around for various toys and such. Over the last week or so, we've caught him rocking on his hands and knees. I don't remember the other two boys trying to be so mobile so quickly. Who needs to sit up when you can really move?

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