Thursday, June 23, 2011

Half-pint Finally Gets A Post...

I've been thinking lately that I haven't had much to post about for Half-pint. The other two have been much easier to write about...until Sunday...Happy Father's Day!

Half-pint was playing with his cousins, when he tripped and fell. According to him (I was no where near the accident scene), he rolled into the fall; but he still managed to hit his head on the coffee table. His cousin told him he had red in his hair, and he emerged from the basement with a bloody hand from touching his gashed head. Daddy cleaned him up and gave him a wet towel to press against the wound. When we got home later, I did a through cleaning before bed and realized the wound was a little more than the superficial cut we originally thought it was. I called a pediatric ER nurse friend and talked it over with her. After a few more phone calls we decided the bloody patch on his hear should probably be treated professionally. Daddy pulled Half-pint out of bed...poor kid was already asleep...and they headed to the Children's Hospital ER.

Thankfully, our P.A. from our own pediatrician's office happened to be moonlighting at the ER that night, so she was the one who fixed him up. The wound was crescent shaped, about 1 cm long, and gaping open about 1/2 cm. I think it was about 1-2 mm deep. We were most concerned about the scar being so wide if we didn't have it closed, and hair not growing in that size of a patch. After talking with my friend, I expected 1 staple in lieu of stitches. I was surprised when they got home at midnight and Half-pint gave me the full report:

"Mom! It was like a bad nightmare!!! It was a nightmare. They used this machine and put STAPLES IN MY HEAD!!! Staples in my head!!! Was I asleep??? It was a nightmare!!!"
"Did you see the P.A.?"
"YES!!! She's the one that put staples in my head! It was a nightmare."
"Did you get one staple?"
"NO! Three!"

Half-pint slept with us that night, and surprisingly he slept great. He has been very careful not to disrupt the metal holding his head gash closed. Just yesterday, he said to me:
"Mom, please don't make me go swimming! I don't want the staplers to come out and then have to get them again!"

He's been a trooper through it all. The staples stay in for a few more days...I hope the removal isn't too traumatic! (When he had stitches, taking them out was almost worse than getting them put it!)

Last night, I held up a mirror behind him, while he looked in the facing mirror, so he could see exactly where the staples are. He thought it was really cool to see them. I thought it might upset him a little, but he loved to look at the staples in his head!

What a story he'll be able to tell his class when they ask about what went on over the summer!

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Jenifer said...

Staples in the head are no fun!! I speak from experience. I will say if the wound is nice and moist and there is no scab on it the staples come out really easy. Poor kiddo! at least he thinks it's pretty cool!!