Friday, May 27, 2011


As of this afternoon:
Half-pint: A surprise pneumonia diagnosis (he has a nasty sounding cough)
Quarter-pint: Still coughing from Croup last week, with a red and yucky looking throat
Peewee-pint: Strep Throat -red and pussy throat (little does Momma know, I thought I was taking him in for an ear fact, he's the only one I planned to take in today...the other two had to come along because I couldn't find anyone to watch them last minute...glad they came)

...Now all three are on antibiotics and hopefully we'll all start to feel better soon!

I'm wondering if I should see my doctor...just thinking about all the crud at my house literally makes my throat hurt.

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Jenifer said...

Not fun at all! I hope they feel better soon and you don't catch anything either!