Sunday, May 29, 2011

More Quarter-pint Sleeps...

Quarter-pint, oh Quarter-pint...
He's my kids who carries little toys, or pieces of toys all around the house--depositing them wherever he becomes distracted. This practice drives me CRAZY because I like to keep track of everything-to keep all the parts together. This habit is not shared by his big brother, thankfully; but Quarter-pint has taken it to the extreme.

He takes all kinds of toys to bed with him. I've been shocked by the variety of things I have found in his bed either late at night when I'm checking on the sleeping hoarder, or in the morning when I'm straightening up. Here's a list of just some of the things I've pulled out of his bed:
flip-flops (he LOVES them enough to wear them to bed!)
various books
Buzz Lightyear, Sheriff Woody (and nearly ALL the Toy Story figures)
Hot Wheels race cars (more than one at a time)
action figures
and more...

Not only does Quarter-pint take anything and everything to bed with him, he still sleeps wildly-moving all around and quite often getting turned around-completely the wrong way. He pleads to have the safety railings removed, but I don't dare do it yet...he still moves way too much.

Recently Quarter-pint has upped the ante at bedtime. Nearly every night when I go in to check on the boys before I hit the sack, Quarter-pint is wearing nothing but his underpants. I guess I shouldn't expect anything different; he is quite the little exhibitionist. It's been cold and rainy/snowy the past few weeks around here, and I was afraid he'd freeze at night, so I was redressing him while he slept. Finally, a few nights ago, I gave up; I figured he'd get cold and maybe keep his pjs on...but the little turkey didn't get cold and they still keep coming off!!!

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