Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Quarter-pint's Bum...

Quarter-pint mastered potty training earlier this year...YEAH!!! But, at least when we're at home (or Grandma K's house) he feels the need to remove his pants AND underpants to use the potty. And, he thinks he still needs help getting his underpants back on (his pants usually don't make it back on his little bum). We're constantly telling Quarter-pint to "put your underpants on." He'd much rather be an exhibitionist-the less clothes the better for that kid!
A few weeks ago, he brought his underpants to me so I could help him turn them right-side out. When I handed them back, he sat his naked little bum on the wood floor. (Balancing on one foot to put you underpants back on is a tricky proposition!) As soon as he sat, he passed gas; and it sounded funny against the hard wood. He looked up at me with his BIG BLUE eyes twinkling and said "My silly bum is CRAZY!"
(that's the black eye from falling down the stairs...see earlier post-happenings, I think)

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