Monday, January 17, 2011

Half-pint is Toothless...

It all began the day after Thanksgiving. We went to the mountains after the face-stuffing rituals. Half-pint was in ski school on Friday, and did a great job! When he got back to the house, imagine our surprise when he returned with a tooth in his hand, not the customary spot in his mouth. I knew a couple of his teeth were loose, but I had no idea they were that loose! I verified with Half-pint and Daddy (who picked him up at the end of the day) that the new hole in his smile was the result of wiggling, or lunch, or the like, NOT a skiing accident. They both assured me apple slices at lunch were the culprit. I think Half-pint was just as surprised as anyone to find his tiny tooth stuck in his apple, not firmly in his bottom jaw.
A few days later, Half-pint was teasing his brother, and jumped behind the family room sofa. As Quarter-pint came into the room, Half-pint dove down, but he didn't clear the sofa and smashed his face on the sofa back. You should have heard the screaming, and seen the blood. He knocked the two top front teeth loose. After calls to a dentist friend; who reassured Momma of what she already knew (we've been through this before); we were playing the waiting game to lose the two, now not quite in the right position, top front teeth. Momma couldn't stand to look at them, and was VERY grateful this incident happened just days AFTER our annual family photo
Over Christmas break, one tooth, then another came out. When Half-pint got back to school, he signed the large charting tooth TWICE. His teacher was surprised to see the now much larger gap in his smile had grown in just two weeks. I'm sure this speech therapist isn't too thrilled; now his speech is a little off due to missing so many teeth at once-he has a slight lisp. Momma was relieved that the twisted and pushed out teeth are gone so she doesn't have to look at them any more!
Half-pint and Quarter-pint spent a few days with Grandma K and Grandpa R so Momma and Daddy could take a long weekend trip (to ski and introduce Peewee-pint to his Great-grandparents). Late one evening, Momma got a call from a crying and very tired sounding Half-pint. "My tooth is broken, and I can't go to sleep!" After some investigation and more information from Grandma, Momma figured out that Half-pint had been vigorously wiggling the bottom tooth (which was a little loose to begin with); and now it was so loose-but still in place-that it was uncomfortable. He wouldn't let anyone pull it though, so he waited until Aunt C6 went to bed and crawled in with her. The tooth came out before Momma and Daddy got home, so now Half-pint is missing all four front teeth! What a sight!

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Jenifuz said...

That's a pretty big hole there! How fun!