Saturday, November 14, 2009

Half-pint Wants "Green Money"...

Half-pint has been talking about "green money" (i.e. bills, NOT coins) for some time now. The other night as I was on my way out the door for youth group, he told me about his grand plans:
"Mom! I know how to get green money!!!"
"How's that?"
"I want to sell lemonade! I can sell lemonade to get green money! Make me some lemonade so I can sell it tomorrow!"
It's been a warm November here in the inter-mountain west, but NOT lemonade stand warm!
"Where are you going to sell the lemonade?"
"On the street-outside-outside our house! What about flowers? Mom, you get some flowers on your way home tonight so people can pick the kind they like. I sell flowers to get some green money!"
"Who's going to buy your lemonade and flowers?"
"The people outside, going by."
"We live on a quite street, there won't be very many people. I have an can earn green money by helping me around the house...setting the table, picking up your toys, making your bed, that sort of thing..."
"No, I don't like that idea!!! I want to sell flowers and lemonade."

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