Monday, October 12, 2009

Quarter-pint Makes A Mess...

About a week ago, around lunch time, Quarter-pint took his shirt off. I was a little surprised, but didn't think much of it. A little while later, he took his pants off. Still didn't think much of it-my boys like to take their clothes off (see past posts about this topic). About 2:00 I found Quarter-pint playing in the bathroom. To my surprise he was completely naked, sitting on the cold tile floor playing with his little potty. To my horror he was sitting in a puddle of pee. As I began to clean up the floor, he sat on his potty, peed, and then tried to empty the bowl from the little potty into the toilet...and he missed. That meant more pee on the floor. I quickly put his naked little body into the tub so I could clean the pee off the floor-and to keep him contained, if only for a few minutes. While I went to work on the floor, Quarter-pint pooped in the bathtub. As I began to freak out at the situation, he then accidental stepped in it. I couldn't believe the whole scenario! Needless to say, as soon as I had Quarter-pint wiped down, the bathtub cleaned up and the floor taken care of-the boys were promptly put into the (clean) bathtub upstairs. Oh, the joys of precious little boys!


Jenifuz said...

Oh the joys of potty training!! Just the other day, Maryn decided it would be great to sit on our bed while she was waiting for me to come get her bath started and she peed all over our bed! Needless to say I had to take everything off and wash it before bedtime! And this was while Travis was at mutual! Oh so fun! :)

Amber P. said...

Elli was pooping in the tub at the end of every bath. Sammi started refusing to bath with her because she was so scared of the poop! Fortunately she hasn't done it in a while so Sammi has relaxed a bit. But we still hurry Elli out of the tub :)