Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Half-pint Loves Cheesecake...

This afternoon, as I sat down at the computer to send a quick email, Half-pint intrrupted me... "Mom, can I have some ice cream?"
"What about a Popsicle?"
"No, I need to send ONE email, then I come help you...we'll figure something out."
"Okay." He sounded a little disappointed.
I finished composing the email and was working on the long address list when Half-pint came in again...
"Can I have some cheesecake???"
"No cheesecake. I'm almost finished, then I'll come help you."
Half-pint disappeared and I finished the email. When I got to the kitchen a minute or two later, I was shocked to see Half-pint with the remaining cheesecake (nearly half the cake) smothered an inch deep in NesQuik Chocolate granules (we're completely out of chocolate sauce, and he doesn't like cherries). He had to use a kitchen chair to get the NesQuik, which I intentionally keep out of reach, then drenched the cake in it and started to eat the center out of all the remaining pieces. I calmly and firmly told him to go to his room. To my astonishment, he actually obeyed with little fuss...I'm sure he knew he was busted!

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San Diego Spendloves said...

That is so funny for us as spectators, although probably not so funny for you. Very cute!