Saturday, June 20, 2009

Half-pint Finally Visits the Beach...

Earlier this month we took a family vacation to Southern California. It was quite the trip! What an adventure taking 14 people (6 under the age of 6) on an airplane, and to some of the local attractions. Half-pint was really excited about going to the beach. In fact, that's all he talked about for months
(even before he knew we had a trip planned). Two days before we boarded the plane to head southwest, he finally asked me:
"Mom, what's Disneyland??? Is it the beach?"
I was driving and talking on the phone (with my blue tooth) when he asked;
"No, it's not the beach. We'll talk about it later."
"What's Disneyland, Mom?"
"It's where Mickey Mouse lives."
That's all I gave him...he was quiet for about a could tell he was processing, then...
"Yeah! I want to do that!!!"

Needless to say, we went to the beach, and Disneyland-twice...each! Despite the less than sunny weather, the kids had a GREAT time playing with their cousins. We wore the kids out everyday! The played HARD (we all did) and did really well overall! Half-pint had a difficult time with his listening skills the first day or two. On the second night, we had Chinese food-his fortune cookie said "It will profit you well to be a good listener this week." I about died-I couldn't believe how unbelievably appropriate it was.
When we got home from the airport, Quarter-pint crashed, with a soaring fever. I took him to Urgent Care, thinking it was strep (two of the cousins got step on the trip), but was shocked when they told me it was actually a double ear infection. He was a trooper-we didn't even know he was sick until we got home.


Travis said...

What a fun trip!!! When did you cut your hair? It's darling! I love it! :) I can't believe how big the boys are getting!

Kathy said...

I loved the picture of them being bugs!